IP Security

From enterprise multiple locations to simple easy to use camera systems viewable from PC/Tablet and phone applications, Triad can design and maintain all types of CCTV systems. Utilizing existing and new cabling infrastructure to provide HD CCTV systems. After the install, we provide scheduled maintenance and service agreements confirming your system is operating as it should. Most systems are installed and forgotten about until something happens. Cameras need cleaning and confirmation that they are indeed viewing what’s important, not an overgrown tree or overgrown landscaping, recorders need service to check if it’s recording and the date and time are correct.¬†To schedule service or an estimate click here.

Service Details

DVR/NVR replacement
Utilize existing infrastructure (coaxial) and add new IP. New technology NVRs/DVRs allow for the combination of both allowing you to use what you got and add as needed with one software/app solution

License Plate Recognition
take the guesswork out of it; the software does it for you

smart search technology saving you time in reviewing video

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